The idea to associate cookies with the shape of countries first came to Alexander the Great on lazy Sunday afternoon in early 336 BC. However, his solution to the cookie/country conundrum was to create a country in the shape of a cookie he baked when he was twelve… I am pretty sure that cookie is in British Museum of Civilization, right next to Genghis Khan’s éclair and Napoleon’s muffin.

It wasn’t until the dawn of the 3rd millennium that Sam Imberman and Boris Volfson figured out that making cookies in the shape of countries requires significantly less effort than Alexander of Macedon’s method. It is a calling that they could not refuse. This is their story. This is their blog.

About the Authors

The proud owner of over 30 pieces of clothing, Boris Volfson often pauses to think whether he could spend his time more wisely. His passion for life comes from practicing Michael Jackson moves and searching his belly button for precious, precious lint. His gastronomic achievements include eating 60 pieces of sushi, consuming about 100 jars of Nutella in a single calender year, and convincing Rowan Atkinson (that FAT FUCK) not to swallow the entire world. He has never, not even once, had sex with Lionel Ritchie. Boris hopes this blog will inspire you to learn more about the world. However, what he hopes most is to offend you.

No stranger to cooking, Sam Imberman once built a life-sized replica ziggurat out of marzipan. His hobbies include poetry, portraiture, and being chased around by mall security forces. In an illustrious career spanning five centuries, Imberman has perfected the use of fashion stilts, rescued at least 300 endangered species, and delivered at least 4000 families from burning buildings. Now, he lends his considerable expertise to the greatest project of all: building cookies shaped like countries.


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  1. 1 katebowenpowwow September 1, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    This is f-ing awesome

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